We are super excited to be launching our first release of our collaboration with Elephant & Rose on Saturday night. We have had so many amazing comments about this collaboration and we are squealing with excitement. Before we release these colour ear candy into the world, we want to introduce you to the artist behind Elephant & Rose.
You may have seen the colourful works of Elephant & Rose in your Instagram feed through the popular clothing brand, Karla Cola. Karla Cola has released a number of designs in several of Elephant & Rose prints. These have proven to be extremely popular, but who is the creator behind this amazing, colour packed surface design work?
We have been lucky enough to chat with this amazing girl boss and we want to share how amazing she is with you all!
Meet Jiah Harrison, the designer behind Elephant & Rose. Jiah creates her print designs in her studio in Ararat, Victoria. Along with being a business owner, she is also a wife and mother to two beautiful girls.
There is no other word to describe Jiah's work than HAPPINESS! The colours and the unique prints just make you smile.
So let's get to know her and her company a little better...
We will start by getting to know a little about Jiah's amazing brand, Elephant & Rose.
What made you start Elephant & Rose?
I’ve never not wanted to have my own creative business. I went straight into working in interior design jobs straight after uni because I wanted to have a steady income after so many years of being a poor student. It didn’t take long before I started Elephant & Rose as a side hustle. It was a way of using the prints that I was making constantly in my spare time. I always hoped it would become my full time job one day.
When did you start Elephant & Rose?
About 2012. There has been a lot of stopping and starting along the way because I’ve had two babies since then.
Elephant & Rose is a unique name, what is the meaning behind this name?
I really liked the juxtaposition of an elephant and a rose. They’re so different from each other yet similar in that they are both incredibly beautiful while being a little rough around the edges.
What is your favourite print from your range, to date?
At the moment it is definitely my Flowering Gum print. I have never seen anything like the dazzling shock of pink in the gum tree flowers where I live now! It is breath taking! I feel like I captured at least a little bit of that joy in this print.
What is your inspiration for your prints?
I am most inspired by my surroundings. The colours and shapes of the landscape feature in my abstract prints and also my paintings. At the moment I am working on a series of Australian botanical prints that reflect what I see around me when I go for walks.
What is your favourite part of Elephant & Rose?
Creating the prints. I think everyone has their own special activity that they just lose themselves in and that is making prints for me. I also love having the opportunity to collaborate with other creative minds.
Can you share something with us from behind the scenes? Maybe some juicy plans in the works?
I am getting ready to launch some fresh new products soon that I am really excited about! I’ll also be doing some markets towards the end of the year.
As makers, we love seeing other creators work spaces. Can you share your work space with us? 
Behind every amazing small business is an even more amazing owner. Lets get to know Jiah a little better. 
What is something that most people don’t know about you? 
I can read backwards fluently.
Your prints are full of colour, what is your favourite colour?
All the colours! If I had to choose one then teal…or maybe magenta.
We love travelling and discovering new places, what is the favourite place you have travelled to?
The Isle of Pines for my honeymoon. It was just the most magic place I’ve ever been. The sand was like icing sugar, the water was the most beautiful shade of turquoise and we had fresh coconuts on the beach! Sigh.
We love food! What is your favourite food?
Dark chocolate or raspberries but preferably both.
What are your hobbies outside your company?
I’m pretty partial to a bit of yoga and a nice walk. 
We love your artwork and love the happiness it brings to people. What things make you happy?
Watching my girls grow up, colour, making art, looking at art, eating yummy healthy food, my simple life in the country.
We LOVE our accessories! What is your favourite accessory at the moment?
At the moment it’s actually one of my own bags that I’ve created for my new product range. It has printed beautifully, is very simple in construction, super durable and just the right size. I’ve had so many compliments on it and can’t wait to get it out in the world!
We are huge supporters of handmade and small business here at Timber & Cotton. Do you have a favourite handmade brand?
I have so many but I am definitely coveting a colourful necklace from Forme Jewellery in the UK. 
We hope that you have loved getting to know Jiah a bit more and the story behind her brand, Elephant & Rose. You can check out Jiah's work over at her Instagram page or on her website.
Instagram: @elephantandrose
Our earring collaboration with Elephant & Rose goes live at 8pm (AEST) on Saturday the 9th of July, 2018. These will be available over on our website, www.timberandcotton.com
Nikelle Ricketts


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