The Secret Is Out!




We are so excited to announce that we are re-branding!

Introducing you to our new brand...

What is Girlfetti?

Girlfetti is the ultimate one-stop-shop for jewellery and accessories created by awesome Australian women. At Girlfetti we are all about celebrating women! 

Girlfetti will be the new home to all the amazing brands that Timber & Cotton currently stock plus we have so many more amazing ladies joining the tribe.

The special thing about Girlfetti is that every month we will be donating a percentage of our sales to a cause that helps women. So by purchasing accessories from Girlfetti you are not only making yourself look fabulous, you are also helping other women.
What is happening to Timber & Cotton?

Timber & Cotton isn't going anywhere, it will be purely for my own creations. Timber & Cotton will have its own website.

Wanting to purchase your Timber & Cotton pretties with other brands (like you currently can)... Girlfetti will be our biggest online stockist and will have ALL of the Timber & Cotton products. 
When is this awesome re-brand happening?

I am so excited for this change! Are you?

Lock in 7pm (AEST) on Sunday the 18th of November

We will be opening two new websites; Girlfetti and Timber & Cotton.

Girlfetti will be found at
Timber & Cotton will be found at

Our website will be closing at midday (AEST) on Wednesday the 14th of November to prepare for the change over. So if you are wanting to grab anything before this exciting event, make sure you place it before this time.
Changes to our social media

Our current Instagram (@timberandcottonshop) will be re-branded to @shopgirlfetti

Want to follow my Timber & Cotton journey? Follow me on Instagram @timberandcotton by clicking here.

For those on Facebook, you can now start following Girlfetti by searching @shopgirlfetti or click here.
Changes to VIP email notifications

Our Timber & Cotton VIP list will be re-branded to the Girlfetti VIP list. If you are in our Girl Gang, make sure you add to ensure that you continue to get our emails.

Well done for getting to the end of this! You are amazing!
If you have any questions please send us a message through the below contact form.

I am so excited about this re-brand and I would really appreciate it if you share this with a friend or two 😘

Lots of love,

Nikelle x


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